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Australian Spatial Data Directory and Metadata Workshop Program 2004


The purpose of this workshop was to:

  1. Inform potential and existing ASDD participating organisations of the benefits of metadata and the ASDD.
  2. Inform node and metadata managers about the latest changes to the ASDD and how it affects them.
  3. Review the standards that the ASDD uses.
  4. Examine how we can improve uptake and access to the ASDD.


The morning session of day one provided a strategic overview of the ASDD's place within the Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure. This session suited a manager interested in the business justification for the ASDD as well as the technical person interested to see why ASDD is important to business.

The remainder of the two days focused on technical discussions directed at people who want to know about ASDD's future directions, standards used, how the existing system works and solutions to some existing problems.


The two day workshop was held on 17th and 18th of May 2004.


The workshop was in room G094 at Geoscience Australia

Cnr Jerrabomberra Avenue and Hindmarsh Drive

Symonston ACT.


Time: Duration: Function: Presenter:
Day One:
8:30am 30 mins Registration  
9:00am 05 mins Welcome and Logistics John Hockaday (Facilitator)
9:05am   Opening Address - the importance of the ASDD to Australia's Spatial Data Infrastructure and governance of the ASDI. Neil Williams (CEO Geoscience Australia, Chair Spatial Data Policy Executive)
    Business Needs  
    Business case for metadata in your organisation. John Busby (OSDM)
10:00pm 30 mins Who wants the ASDD?(Who uses or should use the ASDD?) Steve Blake (ANZLIC)
10:30am 30 mins Morning Tea  
11:00pm 30 mins Metadata, ASDD and the ASDI (An overall architecture) Steve Blake (ANZLIC)
11:30pm 60 mins Round table Discussion:
  • How do we get more ASDD nodes?
  • How do we get more ASDD users?
12:30am 1 hour Lunch  
1:30pm 30 mins ASDD, metadata and OGC Rob Starling (OGCA)
2:00pm 30 mins OGC Catalog 2.0 and the ASDD Rob Atkinson (Social Change Online)
2:30pm 30 mins OGC Registries and the ASDD Ian Beitzel (QLD Dept of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy)
3:00pm 30 mins Afternoon Tea  
    Standards (Search and Retrieval)  
3:30pm 30 mins ISO19115 metadata standard and ANZLIC Guidelines. Steve Blake (ANZLIC)
4:00pm 30 mins ISO19139 implementation of ISO19115 metadata standard. Evert Bleys (BRS)
4:30pm 30 mins From ANZLIC to ISO19115 metadata using XSLT. John Hockaday (Geoscience Australia)
5:00pm   Close day one  
7:00pm   Workshop Dinner - Legends Spanish Restaurant Cost $31
Day Two:
    Standards (Metadata)  
9:00am 10 mins What is the ISO 8601 date format and why it is important for metadata? John Hockaday (Geoscience Australia)
9:10am 40 mins Understanding Z39.50 (Part I)
  • Introduction to Z39.50
  • Profiles and Attribute Sets
  • Record Syntaxes
  • Object Identifiers (OID)
  • Element Sets
  • Attribute Sets
David Crossley (IndexGeo Pty Ltd)
9:50am 40 mins Understanding Z39.50 (Part II)
  • Use Attributes
  • Relation Attributes
  • Structure Attributes
  • Attribute Combinations
  • ASDD Usage
  • Further Information
David Crossley (IndexGeo Pty Ltd)
10:30am 30 mins Morning Tea  
11:00am 30 mins Metadata Validation - how it is done and what does it mean? John Hockaday (Geoscience Australia)
    Demonstrations and discussions  
11:30am 30 mins Demonstration of new ASDD gateways. John Hockaday (Geoscience Australia)
12:00am 30 mins Z-Alarm Results
  • Is there cause for alarm?
  • Reasons for failures.
  • Five main issues.
David Crossley (IndexGeo Pty Ltd)
12:30am 1 hour Lunch  
1:30pm 30 mins Round table discussion (Sharing experiences and discussing problems.)  
2:00pm 60 mins Round Table Discussion:
  • More ASDD records.
  • Improving quality of content.
  • Getting valid searches.
3:00pm   Close for travellers  
3:30pm 90 mins "Kick on" discussions  
5:00pm   Final Close  


The workshop is fully endorsed by the following organisations:

  • ANZLIC - The Spatial Information Council
  • Office of Spatial Data Management (OSDM)
  • Open GIS Consortium (AustralAsia) Limited (OGCA).