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Modified: 2011-10-26

ANZLIC Metadata Profile Related Information


The ANZLIC Metadata Profile version 1.1 has been endorsed by the ANZLIC Council. A PDF version of this document is available at

More information about the profile is available from the OSDM web site including:

  • ANZLIC Metadata Guidelines,
  • XML tools to help validate ANZLIC Metadata Profile XML documents, and
  • XML codeLists of the ANZLIC Geographic Extent Names, Search Words and Jurisdictions,

There are several files that are relevant to this profile. They are stored in this directory. They include:

  1. XSLT to transform valid ANZLIC Version 2 XML into ANZLIC Metadata Profile XML
  2. Codelists:
  3. An OASIS Catalog file that can be used to access local copies of the ISO 19139 XSDs
    • Note that you will need to edit the file locations to suit your own system.
  4. XSD to validate XML document instances are available in this gzipped tar file, zip file or can be found at:
  5. Schematron to further validate XML document instances:
  6. XSLT 2.0 eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) files to further validate XML document instances:
  7. ANZLIC Metadata Profile XML examples:
  8. Other XML files that you may find useful:

Your feedback about the ANZLIC Profile and Guidelines can be temporarily directed to: until dedicated lists can be created.