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IndexGeo Pty Ltd - Eco Companion catalogue

Node type

Commercial, Public input

Node description

The Eco Companion Australasia environmental resources catalogue is an assorted collection of dataset descriptions that are managed by diverse custodians. This content is expected from local community groups, commercial spatial data providers, individuals, non-government organisations, small government agencies, and the scientific community. Because the service is new, there is currently a small document collection.

The Eco Companion document management service provides Internet facilities for the description of geospatial datasets and other document types. Custodians with small numbers of dataset descriptions can publish through this ecologically-based document collection.

Editors oversee the content of the document collections to ensure consistency and reliability.

Z39.50 connection details

True Z39.50 client software can also be used to search this collection.
See lists at Z39.50 Maintenance Agency.

  • Server hostname:
  • Server port: 6668
  • Repository name: dataset

Bounding coordinates

The outer geographic extent of the whole document collection ...

  • North bounding coordinate: -8
  • South bounding coordinate: -90
  • East bounding coordinate: 164
  • West bounding coordinate: 45

Top search terms

These terms occur frequently in the metadata collection. They will give you a starting point for conducting searches.

species list, bird, location, region, gazetteer*, place name*, ecologically sustainable development, ESD, energy, renewable, wastewater, ecotourism


Description of the organisation/jurisdiction

IndexGeo Pty Ltd develops and manages the Eco Companion Australasia document management service.

Contact details

  • Contact organisation: IndexGeo Pty Ltd
  • Postal address: 160 Cowper Street
  • City: Goulburn
  • State: NSW
  • Postal code: 2580
  • Electronic mail:
  • Telephone: 02 48 221404

Metadata date