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Modified: 2009-12-07

Requirements and Standards

To participate as a node of the ASDD, an organisation must meet the following criteria.

  1. Manage a collection of geospatial dataset descriptions that comply with the ANZLIC Metadata Guidelines and the most recent ANZMETA XML Document Type Definition (DTD). Mangement of the metadata includes commitment to:
    1. produce XML, HTML and SUTRS formats for the metadata records,
    2. regularly update the metadata entries,
    3. regularly update to the latest versions of software as suggested by the ASDD gateway manager,
    4. update to the most recent metadata standards,
    5. make metadata entries in the ASDD for ALL spatial records, and
    6. make metadata entries in the ASDD for new datasets as soon as possible after the datasets have been created.
  2. Dataset descriptions must be complete and meaningful for at least all ANZLIC Page 0 elements, and preferably include scale and resolution of the data.
  3. Dataset descriptions must be freely available and at no cost.
  4. Run a Z39.50 server that responds correctly (according to the GEO Profile), including:
    1. Responds to Brief and Full Element Sets.
    2. Responds to Record Syntaxes - HTML, XML, SUTRS (plain-text).
    3. Responds to the Attributes and combinations of attributes as defined by the GEO Profile.
  5. Node administrator must have authority from the data custodians to publicise the data. The data should not be listed on other nodes.
  6. The node must be available to all network clients, i.e. there must be no firewall restrictions.
  7. Registration of and regularly mantain the description of your node.

Note: If your metadata is hosted by another organisation you are responsible for above items 1. (1, 2, 4, 5, 6), 2, 3 and 5. You should ensure that the hosting node will provide and support the above items 1. (3), 4, 6 and 7 above. If you have a separate node for your metadata and it is still hosted by another organisation then you are responsible for the above items 7 or ensuring that the hosting organisation maintains the registration of that node description.

For further information follow the links, and especially refer to the documents: ASDD documentation and resources and Implementing new ASDD nodes and the summary document Establishing individual ASDD nodes